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Creating your space is something that creative people love.

I am not a creative person. 

Oh sure, I love the idea of a beautiful homeschool space but the application of it is something I have struggled with. So why is a person that struggles with creating telling you how to create your space? 

Well, in truth, I’m not. Much like how creating your goals is individual, so is creating your space. Each person and family is different and each space is different.

Creating your space

The first thing I do is to sit and think about my perfect day with the kids. I have to add that last “with the kids” because for some of us our perfect day might be sitting on the beach somewhere with a drink in hand watching the waves – no kids in sight. Which would be heavenly, but doesn’t help us in creating a homeschool space. 😉  So, think about your perfect homeschool day. If you are new and haven’t yet homeschooled, think about what you think it might look like. It might change later and that’s okay. Hairstyles and clothes change all the time, but it doesn’t mean one is better than the other.

Create your homeschool space

Okay, do you have that picture in your head? Now, look around the room. Where are you? Living room? Dining room? A custom homeschool room? When my mom started homeschooling my family we started in the dining room. We would sit around the table with my mom standing in the front like a school teacher. After a while, we went to the living room and we would sit where we were the most comfortable. My favorite place right now is in the living room. I like being where I’m comfortable but the kids still know that work needs to be done. We tried the dining room table for a while, but the toddler would just start running on the table, the dining room has vaulted ceilings so it echoed, the kids just kept asking for food, and it created a sort of anti-learning environment for us. I personally don’t let my kids do work in their rooms because I can’t monitor if they are actually working, but they are still young. Maybe once they are older and have a better sense of responsibility that might change.

In looking at a space, I also think about my walls. Where can I hang things? What do I want to hang? Maps, curriculum helps, pictures, reading charts, etc. How much do I want to hang? I personally don’t like clutter, so the more that is on the wall for me, the less I like the space. Right now I have a small corner in the living room with a couple of maps on the wall, a bookshelf, and some legos. That’s about it. It works for us. Others really like it to looks “schoolish”. It creates the atmosphere for them. 

The trouble with Pinterest  

The trouble with Pinterst is the “Pinterest Perfect” mindset. The thought that if it doesn’t look perfect or like the picture, then it’s a failure. Let me set your mind at ease. My little homeschool corner is a certifiable mess most days. At the end of the week I try to put it all back and looking nice, but throughout the week? Nah. I do try to have all the books back on the bookshelf each day, but my kids usually just throw them onto a shelf without making it look nice (aka, the picture below).

What my space looks like on a regular day.

See all of those bins? Legos. I have three (3!!) Lego robotics teams, so I have Legos coming out of my ears. We also have computers and other equipment hanging around. Would I love to have it somewhere else? Yep. But I also use it in our homeschool, so I need it ready to use. 

As a small side note, do you see Star Trek Catan on the bookshelf? It’s a family favorite and I highly recommend it. You can find it here.

Create your homeschool space

Create what works for you. You can look at Pinterest to gather inspiration, but remember your space is yours. It doesn’t need to resemble a public school room or another homeschool mom’s room. It needs to be what will bring you joy. 

I hope that this helps you create your space a little better and with your family in mind.