When my oldest was just starting to learn her letters, she had a hard time remembering the sounds. She was also young – 4.5. Her sister was 2 at that age but always wanted to do what her older sister did. I needed to find something that we could all enjoy.

The curriculum we use played a lot of games, but the one that I love the most came to me from holding a baby and not being able to be as involved while they played and learned – Musical Phonograms. We started playing this and it is still one of our favorites. The best part is all age groups can participate.

At that time I used construction paper since my printer used a lot of ink and I knew they would be standing on them and ruining what I just printed. I have also used index cards and they held up a lot better than the construction paper did. If you want no work except a little cutting, just print out the phonogram game cards on some sturdy paper and laminate it for durability, then start the game!

Musical Phonograms

Phonogram game cards
Music (CD, Alexa, Spotify, etc.)

How to Play:

Lay the phonogram game cards in a circle on the floor. Have each child choose which game card they want to start on. When the music starts, each child hops to the next card and keeps going until the music stops. When the music stops, the child stops and stays on the phonogram game card they land on.

Each child then takes turns saying the sounds that are on the phonogram they landed on. If they get it correct, the card is taken out of play. If it was wrong, the card stays in play on the ground. The music starts again and they continue to hop. The game ends when all cards are gone.

Alternative ways to play:

Allow kids to come out after they get three correct, giving the other kids that need a little more practice the ability to stay in the game. 

Take turns letting the kids be the music man which means they need to determine if the sound was correct.

If you are only working on a few phonograms, print multiple cards and have 2-3 of each letter. That way you are not just jumping around on two cards. 😉

I hope you enjoy this game as much as my kids do!