About Us

We are a group of homeschoolers. Mothers. Sisters. Friends.

My mom and I are the main contributors, however, I have sisters who will also be joining us every once in a while.

Betty Billings with her husband, Rich, and the kids still living at home.

My mother, Betty, started homeschooling her family of 14 kids before most even knew that homeschooling was a thing. Growing up, we were unschooled, mentored, attended a co-op, changed curriculum, and pretty much experimented on (in a good way!). I’ll let her share her beginnings here, but just know that she is pretty amazing. My mom continues to be my mentor as I homeschool my five kids. She is also still homeschooling three of her youngest through high school.

Me (Shyloh) and my family.

I’m Shyloh. Mom to five kids, ages 7 and under. Lover of all things yesteryear – quilting, canning, gardening. I fantasize about a simpler life, but then as I quilt, and can, and garden, and take care of kids, and husband, and housework, I realize that it was probably not as simple as I imagine it is.

One thing that I enjoy the most is listening to my kids talk. I will forever call a marble a “narble” and say “oopie” instead of “oopsie” because of them. Our family is not perfect, but we try very hard to grow together. One of my favorite quotes is “Home should be the safest place to make mistakes”. I strive for it. I fail often. But I strive for it.  

We belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Most know us as Mormons. We love learning of Christ and our divine missions. If you feel so inclined, you may learn more by clicking here. However, if that is something that doesn’t interest you, please know it is not a requirement for following us. We might occasionally talk about scripture study or how we incorporate gospel learning into our homeschool, but our hope is to offer encouragement to whoever might need it.